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Current reads for April [Apr. 18th, 2006|09:45 pm]
The Novelizers.


I'm still collecting up the Miles Vorkosigan series to read in chronological order; I have the next three but I got caught up in a new (for me) mystery series featuring an unusual detective: Turing Hopper is an AIP - an Artificial Intelligence Personality, a true computerized detective! Great series, I'm starting the third book after I get some sleep:
The Author is Donna Andrews:
1. You've Got Murder
2. Click Here For Murder
3. Access Denied
4. Delete All Suspects
I've also picked up the first book in her Meg Lanslow series and quite a few China Bayles book by Susan Wittig Albert
1. Thyme of Death
2. Witches' Bane
3. Hangman's Root
4. Rosemary Remembered
5. Rueful Death
6. Love Lies Bleeding
7. Chile Death
8. Lavender Lies
9. Mistletoe Man
10. Bloodroot
11. Indigo Dying

In the Science Fiction Department, I have to recommend Steve Perry. His book , The Musashi Flex is a great book. Read about it here
For Fantasy, David Randall has a debut novel in his Clovermead series, In the Shadow of the Bear was another book this month that i really enjoyed. Read about it here

I must say that I was very disappointed in the 2nd book in the Rhiannon's Ride series by Kate Forsyth. I had really been looking forward to The Shining City after reading The Tower of Ravens but it fell very flat IMO. Her cliff-hanger of an ending felt more like the story was cut off suddenly rather than the end of the book. Hopefully the third book will be more like the first one, it certainly looks like it has the potential to be anyway.

I only have one left out of the four books to read for both SF/F book communities that I belong to: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler.