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The Novelizers.

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August books to read [Aug. 5th, 2006|01:25 pm]
The Novelizers.


I didn't even come close to finishing that humongous stack of books I meant to read last month.

This month I'd like to finish the Firekeeper series by Jane Lindskold. I'm a third of the way through The Dragon of Despair then just have Wolf Captured left. I'm also reading the second book in the Northern Frights series, The Haunting of Drang Island by Arthur G. Slade. Then there's the last 2 books in the Stargods trilogy by Irene Radford: The Dragon's Revenge and The Dragon Circle still in queue.

The 2 books for g8ways are Princess at Sea by Dawn Cook and The Persistance of Memory by Karen Ripley. The latter is the first of a completed trilogy so add the last 2 books of that series to the list too.
The 2 books for bookwyrmmes are ones I've already read so I may skip those.

Then just catch up from last month. I finished off the 7 books in the mystery series plus the books by Philip Craig and Kathy Reichs. I also read the two communities' booksplus the next 4 books in the Honor Harrington series and all 3 books by Naomi Novik. I highly recommend this series by Naomi Novik. Dragons are being used for aerial combat during the Napoleonic Wars. I'll skip the Korman books since the last one comes out in Sept. so that leaves 9 from last months list and a few books that came in this month are:
The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde
Across the Wall by Garth Nix
The Chocolate Bridal Bash by JoAnna Carl
Saks and Violins by Mary Daheim
Western Shore by Juliet E. McKenna

That's only 23 books so I still need 2 to make my 25 + the 7 I'm missing from last month.